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Quinn Taplin, Director of Photography at Drifthouse Media

Quinn Taplin stands at the forefront of Drifthouse, not just as its founder but as its visionary Director of Photography. His craftsmanship, paired with an intuitive grasp of design and aesthetics, speaks volumes in his portfolio—reflecting the care and precision that underpins each endeavor.

Each image, whether echoing bold ambitions or capturing subtle nuances, is a testament to Quinn’s artistry. Drifthouse is more than a business; it’s a pulsating nucleus of creativity where people, concepts, and products meld seamlessly. Every undertaking by Drifthouse is a canvas to inspire, innovate, and transcend boundaries.


 At the Drifthouse Media, we firmly believe that healthy, meaningful relationships, built on trust, respect, and kindness, are the cornerstone of successful business. Furthermore, we strive to cultivate these relationships with our clients, vendors, and colleagues to ensure the professional and personal growth of every individual.


We offer high-end video and photography production solutions to deliver outstanding results with experienced professionals who have the technical mastery and overall expertise to produce the highest quality production for our clients.


We find creative solutions to connect audiences with emotionally engaging content designed by our talented team who bring a unique perspective to every project.


We believe our expertise is nurtured by self-improvement which strengthens our adaptability and resiliency to meet all challenges to develop high-quality productions that exceed expectations.


We hold ourselves accountable to the needs of our partners and our own high standards with transparent and honest communication to ensure project goals and objectives are clearly understood and subsequently met.


We emphasize hard work, commitment, and honesty to support our belief that authenticity is essential to the success of producing projects of the highest quality.


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