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6 Reasons To Add Custom Videos To Your Website

Behind the Scenes with Drifthouse Media

Video content promises a considerable boost in your website traffic and ROI. It attracts, engages, retains your audience and sets you apart from your competitors. So, there are all the good reasons your brand cannot ignore video marketing in 2022 and beyond. Our Arizona video production experts enlist six reasons why adding custom videos to your website is a good idea.


Just as a well-thought-out blog post brings quality traffic to your site, videos have the same, if not more, influence to expand your reach. But make sure you also utilize other platforms apart from the site to have additional places to spread awareness about your brand and its offerings. 


Custom videos are a great way to drive quality traffic and get them to focus on your message visually. Visitors spend more time on your website understanding your proposition. You aren’t just telling them about your offerings and company values, you’re showing them, and that connection keeps them actively engaged.


Introduce your visitors to your team, let them know your vision, get them to join along, and connect on that emotional level with commercial video production in Phoenix. It’s a great way to get your website visitors closer to your brand and turn them into recurring customers.


Whatever you stand for, your company can claim that personality in a brand video. There’s no better way to present your culture and beliefs than with custom brand video production in Phoenix, AZ.


Your videos can be informative, funny, quirky, motivational, or even revolutionary. The sky is the limit for you. But make sure you work with a professional Arizona video production company to perfect every shot, be authentic and entertaining, and leave a memorable impact on your audience. 

Website Experience

Gone are the days when static sites were a thing; easy to create, faster, and straightforward. They still perform pretty well. But dynamic sites elevate user experience. These are responsive and interactive, and adding videos to the site makes the platform more compelling. Videos supplement the user experience and add to the credibility of your brand. 

Bonus Reason – SEO

Every term or phrase you target for your site can be an opportunity for the video to pop up in search results. It boosts your chances of being found and means your audience will choose you over your competitors. Also, the longer your visitors stay on your site, the more your site will be regarded by Google as credible and important. Besides, videos are shareable and cannot be discounted when converting visitors into customers. It all adds up in terms of your SEO efforts. 

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